Administrative Processes

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NOTICE: Effective Fall 2019, All Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) funding requests will be submitted and processed by the VP of SAEM office. 

For questions, please contact  Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Office

For questions, please contact Brian Sharber, Office & Events Coordinator via email at:

The Provost’s office is currently only responsible for Individual Student IRA Travel. 

IRA travel funding is only offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.

For more information on IRA policy and procedure, visit the IRA page.

San Francisco State supports experiences that enhance student learning outcomes and that provide educational and professional training in a field setting. Instructors are encouraged to provide the best experience possible. In addition, all SF State colleges, departments and individual faculty are required to comply with CSU directives (Executive Order 1062 of 2011) aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of all field trip participants. Consequently, instructors and students must review or complete the following forms:

For Instructors

  • CSU Field Trip Policy (EO 1062) provides general information about objectives of the policy. (PDF)
  • Field Trip Checklist is a reminder for instructors so that the proper forms are collected and submitted. (PDF)
  • Instructional Plan form (REQUIRED) describes the activities and anticipated outcomes of the field trip(s) in a course. One form can be used for multiple field trips taken within a single course. (PDF)
  • Field Trip Site Pre-Assessment form (REQUIRED) assesses and documents the safety of the field trip site. (PDF)
  • Initial Incident Report (as needed) will be completed if a non-auto accident or injury occurs during the field trip. (PDF)

For Students or Field Trip Participants

  • Field Trip Registration & Liability form (REQUIRED) provides student contact information and medical disclosures. The Liability Form is an agreement that the student participates in the field trip voluntarily and does not hold the university liable in case of an accident, incident or illness. (PDF)

Students who do not sign the Registration/Liability form cannot participate in the field trip.

Instructions to Field Trip Instructors

  1. Instructor reviews all forms for field trips.
  2. Instructor completes required "Instructional Plan."
  3. Instructor completes required "Site Pre-Assessment" before field trip.
  4. Instructor obtains required "Registration & Liability" forms from all students and participants in field trip.
  5. In case of a non-auto accident, instructor completes "Initial Incident Report" (if needed, submit to department chair as soon as possible).
  6. In case of auto accident, instructor/driver completes Accident Information Card (at time of accident) AND Vehicle Accident Report (within 48 hours). For more information refer to Driver/Vehicle Registration & Safety.
  7. After field trip or end of semester (whichever is most appropriate), instructor submits bundle of forms (Instructional Plan, Pre-Assessment, Registration & Liability) to home department. Include any accident/incident reports (if they occur).
  8. Department must retain paper or electronic copy for one year.
  9. Department must submit electronic copy to Dean's Office (i.e., to associate dean) for five year archival storage.
  10. Contact the associate dean of your college for more information.

Please check the Student Fee Advisory Committee website for up to date information about course fees, including policies and procedures for establishing, adjusting and eliminating course fees, and the most recent version of the course fee request form. If you have any further questions, contact Brian Sharber at