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San Francisco State’s long commitment to educational equity and social justice has never been more relevant. Fifty years ago the protests that launched our College of Ethnic Studies envisioned a university that both combats institutional and structural racism and prepares students to create new paradigms. Today, in widely documented police brutality that devalues Black lives, in a federal administration that fans the flames of racism and in the increasingly disparate impacts of COVID-19 on our communities of color, the problems that our visionary students identified come into ever-sharper focus. They also challenge us to hold ourselves accountable to our own highest standards by confronting the challenging legacies of institutional racism and anti-Blackness that affect faculty, students and staff on our campus, and by advancing relevant education through curricula that matter and teaching that liberates. We are the university our world needs now.

During this unprecedented time of crisis and uncertainty, the Provost’s Office website has been redesigned in order to provide updated information, materials and links that address questions from faculty and academic leaders and staff at our Academic Work during COVID-19. 

Academic Affairs is working to address our current university budget cuts.  Over the summer of 2020 , the Academic Senate Executive Committee and the Academic Affairs Council met regularly to understand the budget cuts, to consider how they will affect us in Academic Affairs, and to develop what we’re calling “a portfolio of imperfect options” for meeting them for the long term.
Over the fall 2020, the “portfolio” is being shared in college councils, open forums for both faculty and staff, the Academic Senate, and the University Budget Council. At the end of the semester AAC and ExCom will reconvene to review feedback, revise the “portfolio,” and plan. Ultimately, we need to find the right combination of solutions to result in a balanced budget and a strong foundation for recovery.  Please see the latest at our Academic Budget. 

Wishing you a productive academic year.

Jennifer Summit

Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs 

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