Budget Advisory Timeline


Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

After meeting with the Provost of San Jose State University Andy Feinstein, they highly recommended hiring special consultant Deborah Brothwell, who helped identify their cost of instruction.  With the presidents, college deans and Budget Advisory Council support, Debbie was hired to identify cost of instruction for SFSU. Please see Debbie's first meeting with academic affairs community below. 

Image with SF State logo and text stating "Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Council Meeting with Special Consultant Debbie Brothwell September 1, 2017"

Budget Meeting - YouTube

  • Provost Summit shared information with SF State community on work of BAC so far
  • Share Special Consultant report

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

In October 2016, Interim Provost Jennifer Summit invited our campus community to serve on the  Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Council from across the units and positions. The council includes two deans, three associate deans, two chairs, staff , an ASI student and the AVP from Administration & Finance. 

We invited the following constituents from across the CSU's to review their budget models and also gain a historical perspective of how the CSU budget is allocated. These included visits from: 

• Ed Inch, Provost, CSU East Bay  
• Andy Feinstein, Provost, SJSU  

BAC reviewed data on:

  • historical and current data on Academic Affairs curriculum planning and budget
  • instructional and non instructional budgets
  • enrollment data
  • student success data
  • Ad Astra data
  • augment data
  • and more