Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Council

SF State campus

The goal of the Budget Advisory Council for Academic Affairs is to develop a new budget model that rewards and supports student enrollment, retention, and graduation. The Budget Advisory Council will lead this process by meeting regularly, examining our current budget and alternatives, and drafting a proposal for a new model.

The Budget Advisory Council‘s charge is as follows:

  1. To establish guiding principles for a revised budget model for Academic Affairs that recognizes and supports enrollments, student retention and graduation, and quality of educational experience;
  2. To examine and assess the current Academic Affairs budget and budgeting processes
  3. To investigate and assess alternative budgeting models that will build in appropriate incentives, support and recognition for college contributions to campus enrollment, retention, graduation and educational quality—which might involve travel to other campuses or invitations to guests
  4. To consult with the Strategic Initiatives Committee (SIC) and the University Budget Committee (UBC)
  5. To report regularly to the Academic Affairs Council, Deans' Council, and the Faculty Affairs Chairs’ Council for discussion and feedback
  6. To draft and submit a proposal for a revised Academic Affairs budget model to the provost.