About Our Staff

Kathleen Kelly

Picture of Kathleen KellyExecutive Assistant


(415) 338-2571

Ms. Kelly supports the University Provost by serving as staff liaison to the Deans’ Council, Provost’s Council, and Academic Affairs’ Council and facilitating the Provost’s Office special events and meetings. She serves as the staff liaison for both the Academic Affairs Administrative Search Process and the Academic Affairs Administrative Review process. Ms. Kelly is the coordinator of the Academic Affairs Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) budget process and serves as the staff liaison and a member of the IRA Advisory Board. She also serves as the coordinator of the annual Undergraduate Honors Convocation and a variety of other special project responsibilities.

Candice Piper

Picture of Candice PiperAdministrative Assistant


(415) 338-1141

Ms. Piper is the point of contact to request meetings and appointments with the Provost. She also schedules the two conference rooms in the Provost's Office suite. Ms. Piper facilitates the processing of documentation requiring the Provost's review, approval and/or signature. She serves as liaison with the Colleges and other Academic Affairs Units to facilitate the processing of staff job posting and hiring documents. Among a variety of other responsibilities, Ms. Piper also serves as the staff support to prepare the annual "Student Outreach Report" for the Chancellor's Office.

Tammy Vo

Picture of Tammy VoAdministrative Support Coordinator


(415) 338-1142

Ms. Vo is the ETRAC liaison/creator for the Provost's Office personnel transactions and student payroll. She is also the FMS liaison/creator for Provost's Office procurement transactions. Ms. Vo schedules the conference room in the Provost's Office suite. She serves as the staff assistant for the annual Undergraduate Honors Convocation and for the Provost's Office special events and meetings. She also serves as staff liaison to Academic Affairs Administrative Search Committees and is the staff support for the Presidential Scholars Program, among other responsibilities.