Initiatives and Priorities

Affordable Instructional Materials

Affordable Instructional Materials Website

SF State is part of the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions initiative started in 2010. SF State's Affordable Instructional Materials program aids faculty in replacing costly textbooks with lower cost alternatives by using high-quality open educational resources (OER), library resources, digital or customized textbooks, and/or faculty-authored materials. Every dollar counts for many students. If students cannot afford the assigned class materials, they may try to learn without them.

Early Assessment Program

Early Assessment Program Website

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) is a collaborative effort among the State Board of Education (SBE), the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California State University (CSU). The program was established to provide opportunities for students to measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics in their junior year of high school, and to facilitate opportunities for them to improve their skills during their senior year.


The goal of the EAP program is to have California high school graduates enter the CSU fully prepared to begin college-level study. See for more information.

Graduation Initiative

Graduation Initiative Website

The purpose of the current initiative, Facilitating Graduation II (FG 2), is to increase by 2015 the 6-year graduation rates of First-Time-Full Time Freshmen (FTFTF) students at SF State to 50.6% and FTFTF Under-Represented Minority (URM) students to 47.1%. In addition, by 2015 we expect to increase the graduation rates of upper-division Transfer (UDT) students to 75.8%, and of UDT URM students to 72.4%. Under-Represented Minority students include students who are African American, Latino, and American Indian. Ideally, we hope to achieve this goal by increasing overall graduation rates by 1.6% per year and URM graduation rates by an additional 0.8%, for an overall increase of 2.4% per year