Deans' Council

Alvin Alvarez Alvin Alvarez

Dean - College of Health & Social Sciences



Keith Bowman Keith Bowman

Dean - College of Science & Engineering



Daniel Bernardi Daniel Bernardi

Interim Dean - College of Liberal & Creative Arts

Daniel Bernardi's Website

Daniel Bernardi is the former Chair of SF State's Cinema Department as well as the former director of SF State's Documentary Film Institute. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Radio-TV (1984) and a Masters of Arts in Media Arts (1988) from the University of Arizona. He went on to earn a PhD in Film and Television Studies from UCLA (1995).



Kenneth Monteiro Kenneth Monteiro

Dean - College of Ethnic Studies



Judith H. Munter Judith H. Munter

Dean - Graduate College of Education

Judith Munter received a bachelor's degree in elementary education and public health education from the University of Wisconsin, a master's degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) from Florida International University, and a Ph.D. in educational foundations and policy from Florida State University.



Linda Oubre Linda Oubre

Dean - College of Business

Linda Oubre's Website

Linda Oubré was appointed Dean of the SF State College of Business in July 2012. She brings a diverse business background having served as an executive leader in several corporate and startup organizations.